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Honda EU2200i Companion Vs Regular (great comparison!) In 2023

Honda EU2200i Companion vs Regular, In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable source of power is crucial for various situations, from camping trips to powering essential appliances during a blackout.

When it comes to portable generators, Honda is a name that resonates with quality and performance.

Among their offerings, the Honda EU2200i Companion and the Honda EU2200i Regular stand out as popular choices.

But which one is the right fit for your needs? In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the similarities and differences between these two models to help you make an informed decision.

Honda EU2200i Companion vs Regular

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

The Honda EU2200i is a highly regarded portable inverter generator with a power output of 2,200 watts and operates at 120 volts. It is known for its super-quiet operation and is favored for a wide range of applications.

Here are some key features and benefits of the Honda EU2200i generator:

  1. Inverter Technology: The EU2200i utilizes advanced inverter technology, which provides stable and clean power output. This makes it safe for sensitive electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and televisions, as it reduces the risk of voltage spikes and fluctuations.
  2. Super Quiet Operation: One of the standout features of this generator is its exceptionally quiet operation. It is designed to produce minimal noise, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments such as camping sites and residential areas.
  3. Compact and Portable: The EU2200i is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. It features a built-in handle for added convenience, making it suitable for outdoor activities, camping, and emergency backup power.
  4. Parallel Capability: Honda offers a parallel kit (sold separately) that allows you to connect two EU2200i generators in parallel, effectively doubling the available power output when needed.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: Honda generators are known for their fuel efficiency. The EU2200i adjusts the engine speed based on the power demand, consuming less fuel during lighter loads, which can result in longer runtime and cost savings.
  6. Multiple Outlets: The generator typically includes two 120-volt AC outlets and a 12-volt DC outlet, providing flexibility in connecting various devices and appliances.
  7. Reliable Brand: Honda is a well-respected brand known for producing high-quality and dependable generators, backed by customer support and warranty services.
  8. Eco-Throttle System: This feature allows the generator to automatically adjust its engine speed to match the required load, further enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing noise levels.
  9. Oil Alert System: The generator is equipped with an oil alert system that shuts off the engine automatically if the oil level drops below a safe level, protecting the engine from damage.
  10. Clean and Stable Power: The inverter technology ensures that the power output is clean and stable, suitable for running sensitive electronics without the risk of damage.

Understanding Your Power Needs

Before we dive into the specifics of each generator, it’s essential to assess your power requirements.

What devices or appliances do you plan to power with your generator? Understanding your needs will play a significant role in choosing between the Honda EU2200i Companion and the Honda EU2200i Regular.

Honda EU2200i Companion: A Closer Look

1. Power Output

The Honda EU2200i Companion offers a robust power output of 2200 watts, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

This generator is ideal for running multiple small appliances simultaneously, making it perfect for camping trips or as a backup power source for your home.

2. Parallel Capability

One standout feature of the Companion model is its parallel capability. This means you can connect it to another EU2200i Companion or the standard EU2200i generator to double your power output.

This feature is a game-changer for those who require more power without upgrading to a larger, heavier generator.

3. RV-Ready

The EU2200i Companion is designed with RV enthusiasts in mind. It comes equipped with a 30-amp outlet, making it compatible with RV power needs.

So, if you’re planning a road trip and need a reliable power source for your camper, this generator is an excellent choice.

4. Noise Level

When it comes to generator noise, the EU2200i Companion is impressively quiet, operating at around 48-57 decibels. This low noise level ensures you won’t disturb your fellow campers or neighbors when using it.

Honda EU2200i Regular: Exploring the Basics

1. Power Output

Much like the Companion, the Honda EU2200i Regular offers the same 2200-watt power output. This ensures that you can power your essential devices without any hassle.

2. Compact and Lightweight

One notable advantage of the Regular model is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing in at just under 47 pounds, it’s incredibly portable and easy to transport. This makes it an excellent choice for those who value portability above all else.

3. Fuel Efficiency

Both generators are renowned for their fuel efficiency. The EU2200i Regular can run for up to 8.1 hours on a single tank of gas, making it perfect for overnight use without constant refueling.

4. Versatility

While the EU2200i Companion is tailored for RV use, the Regular model is a versatile option for various applications.

Whether you need backup power for your home, want to take it camping, or use it at a job site, the EU2200i Regular has you covered.

Choosing the Right Generator for You

Now that we’ve examined the key features of both generators, it’s time to make an informed choice based on your specific needs.

If You Need Extra Power:

If you require more power and the ability to connect multiple generators, the Honda EU2200i Companion is your best bet. Its parallel capability and RV-friendly design make it a top choice for those seeking versatility and increased power output.

If Portability Is a Priority:

For those who prioritize portability and ease of transportation, the Honda EU2200i Regular is the winner. Its compact size and lightweight build make it a breeze to carry to various locations.

When Noise Levels Matter:

Both models are relatively quiet, but the EU2200i Companion has a slight edge in noise reduction. If you’re particularly concerned about noise, this may be the better option.

People also ask

Can a Honda EU2200i Companion be used alone?

Yes, the Honda EU2200i Companion can be used as a standalone generator.

It functions perfectly on its own, providing reliable power for various applications.

Does a Honda EU2200i have a 30 amp outlet?

Yes, the Honda EU2200i Companion model comes equipped with a 30-amp outlet, making it suitable for RV power needs.

Can you run RV AC on the Honda EU2200i?

Running an RV air conditioner on a Honda EU2200i generator may be possible, but it depends on the AC unit’s specific requirements and the generator’s capacity.

It’s advisable to check the AC unit’s power needs and ensure they are within the generator’s capabilities, especially when considering factors like startup surges.

Additionally, using the Honda EU2200i Companion with its 30-amp outlet can be more suitable for RV AC units.

Can you run two Honda Companion generators together?

Yes, you can run two Honda EU2200i Companion generators together in parallel to increase your power output.

This is a convenient feature for those who require more power for their needs.

Conclusion – honda eu2200i companion vs regular

In the battle of Honda generators, both the EU2200i Companion and the EU2200i Regular have their unique strengths.

Your choice should ultimately align with your specific power needs and how you plan to use the generator. Both models offer excellent reliability and fuel efficiency, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark.

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