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Best Craftsman 2200I Generator Review: (It’s Good!) In 2023

In this fast-paced world, where power outages can disrupt our lives, having a reliable and portable generator is essential.

The Craftsman 2200i Generator is a top-notch power solution that provides convenience and peace of mind,

whether you’re camping in the wilderness, tailgating at a sporting event, or facing unexpected power failures at home.

This article dives into the impressive features, benefits, and versatility of the Craftsman’s 2200i Generator.

Craftsman 2200i Generator Review

The Craftsman‘s 2200i Generator is a compact and reliable inverter generator with a power output of 2200 watts.

Its clean power delivery makes it safe for sensitive electronics, while its quiet operation is suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Portable and fuel-efficient, it’s an excellent choice for camping and various power needs.

Craftsman C0010020 2,200-Watt Gas Portable Generator – Quiet & Powerful

Craftsman C0010020 2,200-Watt Gas Portable Generator - Quiet & Powerful

The Craftsman C0010020 2,200-watt Gas Portable Generator is a quiet and powerful option for various power needs.

With its compact design, it’s suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies. The generator provides 2,200 watts of power, sufficient for essential electronics and small appliances.

Its fuel efficiency ensures extended runtime and its quiet operation is appreciated for noise-sensitive environments. Overall, it’s a reliable and convenient choice for portable power.


  • Quiet Operation: The Craftsman C0010020 generator is praised for its quiet performance, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments and outdoor activities without causing disturbances.
  • Powerful Output: With a power rating of 2,200 watts, this generator is capable of handling essential electronics, small appliances, and power tools, providing reliable backup power during emergencies.
  • Portability: The generator’s compact and portable design allows for easy transportation and storage, making it a convenient companion for camping trips and on-the-go power needs.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Users appreciate the generator’s fuel efficiency, providing extended runtime on a single tank of gas, and reducing the need for frequent refueling.
  • User-Friendly Features: The Craftsman C0010020 is equipped with user-friendly controls and indicators, making it easy to operate and monitor during use.


  • Limited Power Capacity: While the 2,200-watt output is suitable for smaller devices and appliances, it may not be sufficient for powering high-demand equipment or larger appliances.
  • Pull-Start Mechanism: Some users may find the manual pull-start mechanism less convenient compared to the electric start options available in some generators.
  • Limited Outlets: The number of available outlets on the generator may be limited, requiring additional extension cords or power strips for multiple devices.

The Power Within Unveiling the Craftsman 2200i

The Craftsman 2200i is a compact and lightweight inverter generator that packs a punch. With its 2200-watt starting power and 1700-watt running power,

it can handle a wide range of applications, from powering sensitive electronics to heavy-duty equipment.

Its innovative inverter technology ensures clean and stable power, making it safe for charging smartphones, laptops, and other sensitive devices.

Portability at Its Best

One of the standout features of the Craftsman 2200i is its portability. Weighing just 48 pounds and equipped with a convenient carrying handle,

this generator is easy to transport wherever power is needed. Whether you’re heading to a remote campsite or planning an outdoor event, the Craftsman 2200i won’t weigh you down.

Fuel Efficiency and Extended Run Time

The Craftsman 2200i is engineered to be fuel-efficient, helping you make the most out of every drop of fuel.

Its 1-gallon fuel tank provides an impressive run time of up to 10 hours at 25% load. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted power throughout the night or keep essential appliances running during extended power outages.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Gone are the days of noisy generators disrupting your peaceful surroundings. The Craftsman 2200i operates at a remarkably low noise level of around 53 decibels,

which is quieter than a normal conversation. You can now enjoy the serenity of nature or maintain a quiet working environment without any disturbances.

Parallel Capability

For those times when you need even more power, the Craftsman 2200i offers parallel capability. By connecting two generators in parallel using a parallel kit (sold separately), you can double your power output and run larger appliances and equipment with ease.

Intuitive Control Panel

Craftsman has designed the control panel of the 2200i for user convenience. It features clearly labeled outlets, an on/off switch, and indicator lights for low oil, overload, and output statuses. Even if you’re not a generator expert, operating the Craftsman 2200i is a breeze.

Built to Last

Craftsman is synonymous with durability and reliability, and the 2200i generator is no exception. Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering,

This generator is made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and offer years of trouble-free performance.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

As environmental concerns grow, the Craftsman 2200i steps up as an eco-friendly power solution.

Its fuel-efficient operation means reduced emissions, and the generator complies with the strictest environmental standards, making it a responsible choice for the planet.

Safeguarding Your Investment

Craftsman stands behind its products, and the 2200i is backed by a comprehensive warranty. With proper maintenance and care,

This generator will faithfully serve you for years, providing peace of mind and reliability when you need it the most.

Versatility in Applications

The Craftsman 2200i is designed to cater to a wide range of applications. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a DIY hobbyist, or a homeowner preparing for emergencies, this generator has got you covered.

People also ask

Who makes Craftsman 2200i generators?

Craftsman’s 2200i generators are made by Craftsman, a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing power tools and outdoor equipment.

Does Craftsman make a good generator?

Yes, Craftsman is known for producing high-quality generators, including the Craftsman 2200i.

Their generators are reliable, efficient, and well-regarded by users for their performance and durability.

Who makes Craftsman 2500 generators?

As of my last update in September 2021, Craftsman 2500 generators were also manufactured by Craftsman,

The reputable brand is known for producing reliable power tools and outdoor equipment.

Please note that product manufacturers can change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest information for the most up-to-date details.

How many amps is a 2200-watt generator?

The number of amps produced by a 2200-watt generator depends on the voltage.

At 120 volts, a 2200-watt generator would produce approximately 18.3 amps (Watts = Volts x Amps).

It’s important to note that different generators may have variations in their amp output,

so it’s always advisable to consult the specific product specifications for accurate information.


In conclusion, the Craftsman’s 2200i Generator is a remarkable and versatile power solution for various needs. Its compact size, portability, fuel efficiency,

quiet operation and impressive power output make it a favorite among outdoor adventurers, event organizers, and homeowners alike.

With Craftsman’s commitment to quality and the environment, the 2200i stands as a reliable and eco-friendly choice.

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